Are you a foreigner living in Estonia? Is Tartu your new home? Then this information may be relevant to you. The University of Tartu and the Tartu City Council have just opened a brand-new office, the Tartu Welcome Centre.  Its mission is simple: to helping, guide and support foreigners living in Tartu to address very practical matters. As a foreigner living abroad for almost a decade I was often asked tips and tricks about how to get things done in Tartu and, more generally, in Estonia. Now such a demand has been met by an official service available to everyone.

University of Tartu has done a great job in collecting all practical information into the Getting Started at the University of Tartu webpage (, yet sometimes you prefer personal guidance and a hands-on approach.  Do you or your family members have practical questions about documentations or finding the right office? Are you trying to figure out how to spend your time off or finding a new hobby that excites you? Then the Tartu Welcome Centre is the place you are looking for. You can pop-in during the opening hours and they will do their best to find the right answers for you.

The Centre also hosts seminars and events at least once a month. During these events the participants will explore relevant topics that will help you understand the country, people and the Estonian culture. The first kick-off event is already planned for September 19th. The topic should be of interest for any newcomers: Welcome to Tartu. You should receive insights about the Estonian way of living and get useful tips. Indeed, this is also a way to share your own experience with the others. Check their website to find the information about the forthcoming events. The link is below-under:

There is also a possibility for you to contribute. You are welcome to help developing the centre’s blog. You can also share your ideas about what you would like to be the next event You can visit the centre of get in touch with them. Tartu Welcome Centre is right in front of the university’s main building, Ülikooli 17. The centre is open from Monday to Friday 9-16 and until 18 on Thursdays. This is their motto: ‘together we can create a better experience of settling in’. If you live in Tartu, it is definitely worthy a visit.

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