In a book on Intentionality (ed. Leone, Zhang) just published for Lexia, I discuss the problem of volition in the context of signification. The debate on intentions is as fascinating as it is difficult and has attracted the attention of many great thinkers. What is the connection between meaning and intentionality? Is there an intention behind the expression of signs? Where does this idea came from? What is its relevance to the sciences that deal with language, communication, cognition and semiosis?

The tile of my article is The Place of Will in Meaning: On Signification and Intentionality

In my essay, an attempt is made to study the concepts of natural sign and given sign from Augustine of Hippo (354–430) to contemporary semiotics. The enquiry is primarily concerned with three issues: 1) to expound and interpret the notions of natural and given signs and to unravel problems of terminology; 2) to discuss the argument of intentionality considered as a criterion by which this division was originally based; 3) to review the contemporary debate within semiotics on the notions of natural and intentional signification.

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