Intuition arrives without notice. It can come at any time. It is a sudden revelation. I noticed that the more I relax the easier it is to receive insights. A relaxed state of mind allows you to be more receptive and to tap into your intuition effortlessly. A good example is yoga or meditation. When it is done with purpose the body relaxes and the mind calms down. Yesterday, as usual, I practiced yoga. Suddenly, an image and a sensation popped up together in my mind. Snap! I felt the sensation right in my gut. Firstly, I sensed the feelings in my tummy and I dwelt on them for a moment. Then I let go of this sensation with a deep breath and I carried on. This all happens very quickly. The feeling or sensation is usually very sharp and distinct. This feeling is unmistakable. Intellectual analysis, rational thinking, and explication come at a second stage. Pay attention to your feelings all the time. You can learn a great deal from observing them. Be aware.

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